Steve Anderson, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Consultant | Writer | Illustrator

I have a Ph.D. in Immunology with over 18 years experience in the pharmaceutical-biotechnology industry developing novel therapeutic and diagnostic products. I have project leadership experience in drug discovery, pre-clinical research, and a broad range of scientific expertise including Immunology, Virology, HIV pathogenesis, Oncology, and Adoptive T Cell Therapy. I am experienced in the development of a wide range of in vitro and in vivo pharmacological models in immunology, oncology, and flow cytometry.

During my career I participated in the first clinical trial using CAR T cells, developed the flow cytometry component of a patented multi-parameter assay for the early detection of sepsis, and directed the development of novel therapeutics for immune system-based diseases using mice with single gene deletions (knock-out mice). I earned a reputation as an excellent communicator and innovative thinker. I am the co-author on 21 publications in professional scientific journals.

I am currently a Pharmaceutical Development Consultant, Scientific Writer, and Illustrator based in The Woodlands, Tx.