Memcine Personalized Tumor Therapy

A former colleague of mine has started a  biotech company, Memcine, to provide personalized cancer treatments based on a novel antibody-based technology called Immunoplex (TM).

Memcine is currently seeking funding to establish its pipeline.  The following excerpts are from their crowdsource campaign page at

Short Summary

Memcine is a small biotech company with a patent-pending technology that will enable patient-specific tumor therapy. Our technology, known as Immunoplex, can be used to create individualized vaccines that are able to ramp up the immune response against a patient’s tumor.  Imagine, a technology that, within hours, can be used to create a vaccine for anyone’s tumor!  Our technology truly is personalized medicine.

The Impact

Immunoplex technology is based on decades of research showing the benefits of antibody coated tumor cells in inducing an anti-tumor response.  Our technology was developed to streamline the process and universalize production of the antibody coated tumor cells from any patient.  This therapy has the promise of being effective, with the added bonus of having little to no side-effects.  Just think!  A cancer treatment that doesn’t have debilitating side-effects and helps reduce tumor size and metastasis!  Your dollars will go toward non-animal mechanistic studies and stability assays required for new drugs and therapies submitted to the FDA.

Interested? Visit the site and consider making a contribution.

To learn more about Memcine and its technology visit their website:

Author: Steve Anderson, Ph.D.

Steve Anderson has a Ph.D. in Immunology with over 25 years experience in biomedical research. His scientific expertise includes immunology, immunological diseases, tumor immunology, virology, and HIV pathogenesis.